Personal Branding in the Presidential Primaries

by admin January 29, 2008

Are presidential candidates brands?   According to this article, they are.  The theory is that the public persona of each candidate represents a branding initiative.  For example, Barack Obama is a brand based on change and […]

Could Your Angry Customer be Right?

by admin January 24, 2008

There’s an interesting perspective on relating to an angry customer in this post on Seth Godin’s Blog.  The point of the post is that sometimes, the best way to deal with an angry customer is […]

5 Ways to Treat your Customers like a Person, Not an ATM with Feet

by admin January 22, 2008

I just posted a new article over at Duct Tape Marketing about the concept of dealing with your customers on a human level.  In trying to grow your business and dealing with the day to day operations […]

Customers Talk to Who They Like

by admin January 17, 2008

Do customers take into account whether they “like” a brand or service in determining whether they utilize the service?  According to this article they do.  According to the author, Valeria Maltoni of Conversation Agent, people are more […]

Finding a Demand from Among the Undemanding

by admin January 17, 2008

There are times where you can find great marketing ideas from places outside the box and from your day to day life.  One example is described in this blog entry.   The article talks about how […]

Poster Marketing From Uncle Sam to James Bond

by admin January 15, 2008

Poster advertising has existed for over 200 years. Advertisers have used large posters to display their wares and promote their products for a very long time. When used properly, a large poster image can serve […]

How NOT to Reward Customer Loyalty

by admin January 15, 2008

It is axiomatic that one of the best ways to create brand loyalty and encourage future purchases from your customers is to reward loyal purchasers. The more loyal the customer, the more you should value […]

We’re all going to be replaced by Cartoons?

by admin January 10, 2008

According to this press release from the prominent information research company Gartner, Inc., the future of sales is that we’re all going to be doing our business through a series of animated avatars.

Some Thoughts on Personal Branding

by admin January 8, 2008

Small Business Branding has an article looking at the similarities between the way that an individual can brand themselves as an individual and the manner in which a corporation brands itself. In the view of […]