Happy Valentine’s Day

by admin February 14, 2008

As pointed out here, even the Universe has it’s own Valentine’s Day themed advertsing:

What Google thinks Google Means

by admin February 13, 2008

In my previous post, I made the following comment about Google: Look at Google for example.  Google is a nonsense word, a misspelling of a mathematical term for the number 1, followed by 100 zeroes.  Though one could […]

The Psychology of Pricing and Name Branding

by admin February 13, 2008

Does a more expensive food or drink product taste better just because it’s more expensive? According to the study in this article in the New York Times, the fact that our minds subconsciously associate expense […]

So What Does Your Business Name Mean?

by admin February 13, 2008

As noted in this article, your brand name says a lot about your business. The article pertains to a career management site with the unique name of JibberJobber. The primary thrust of the article is […]

Is There A Connection Between Business and Dating?

by admin February 7, 2008

Is there a connection between branding your business and dating?  That’s the subject of this article which looks at how people project a personal brand, for lack of a better term, in their dating relationships.  The […]

My New Favorite Celebrity Product

by admin February 7, 2008

Following in the footsteps of Michael Jordan’s Air Jordans, pop singer Rhianna, who had a big hit last summer with the song “Umbrella” is endorsing her own brand of fashionable…. you guessed it, umbrellas for Totes.  […]

Are you a salesman or a problem solver?

by admin January 31, 2008

The subject of my latest article over at Duct Tape Marketing is the difference between trying to sell a customer and trying to give the customer what he or she actually wants.   By focusing on the […]

BOOK REVIEW – Punching In – The Unauthorized Adventures of a Front-Line Employee

by admin January 31, 2008

I recently had the chance to chance to read the book Punching In by Alex Frankel.  The premise is simple.  The author went under cover and worked at a series of entry level or manager […]

Do Green M&M’s Really Do That?

by admin January 31, 2008

The myth has been around since the 1970’s, but the folks at the Mars Company are finally taking advantage of the myth about the supposed aphrodisiac-like nature of their Green M&M’s.  According to this article […]