May The Fourth Be With You: 50 Star Wars Images By Independent Designers

May The Fourth Be With You: 50 Star Wars Images By Independent Designers

by Arthur Piccio May 3, 2013

If you’ve seen the 2002 dragon flick Reign of Fire the most memorable scene was perhaps where after dragons had taken over most of the world in a dystopian post-apocalyptic future, human survivors led by […]

UPrinting Design How-To Series: A Simple Guide to Making Better Stickers and Labels

by Arthur Piccio April 30, 2013

Stickers and labels are among our most ordered products. While simple to design and create, there are a couple of things that can trip up a customer ordering these for the first time. Here are […]

30 Minimalist Business Card Designs that Pack a Punch

by Mel April 27, 2013

Even people who need absolutely no introduction – like Lady Gaga or Mark Zuckerberg to name just two – have business cards. It says a lot when despite all this talk about business cards being […]

UPrinting Small Biz Survey Results [Infographic]

by Arthur Piccio April 26, 2013

Without further delay, here’re the results of our Small Biz Survey! We’ve decided to share more details than we originally planned. This is all about UPrinting’s customer base. We hope you find this as useful […]

How To Promote With Brochures (Part 2) – 11 Tips for Effective Promotional Brochures

by Arthur Piccio April 17, 2013

In the first part of this series, we gave the most reliable approaches for promotions with brochures, based on the top 5 applications 11 Tips for Designing Effective Promotional Brochures 11.) Design for a specific […]

How To Promote With Brochures (Part 1) – 5 Ways Our Customers Use Brochures

by Arthur Piccio April 17, 2013

While single-page products such as posters, flyers, and business cards are great at helping increase awareness and sharing contact details, they are limited by their lack of available space. Brochures and other multi-page print products […]

UPrinting Design How-To Series: Creating Unforgettable Promotional Bookmarks

by Arthur Piccio April 10, 2013

You never seem to have a bookmark around when you actually need one. We sometimes end up using a motley assortment of paper clips,  fast food receipts, and Post-its. Bookmarks are under-appreciated. Not just as […]

Remembering Thomas Kinkade’s Legacy – How One Man’s Canvas Prints Changed America

by Arthur Piccio April 5, 2013

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of controversial artist Thomas Kinkade’s death.  In life, he was “America’s most-collected living artist”, with around 1 in 20 American homes featuring a copy of one of his paintings. While he […]

UPrinting Design How-To Series: Effective Promotional Door Hangers

by Arthur Piccio April 4, 2013

Door hangers aren’t just for telling hotel staff not to disturb you or to clean your room. While that still is the traditional purpose of door hangers, they are now a widely used marketing tool. […]