What does Your Business Card Say About You?

by admin August 6, 2008

I read an interesting post about an experience that a writer had with a friend’s business card.  The point of the post was how the writer’s friend had produced what they thought was a elegant […]

What we can learn from Judd Apatow about Business Expansion

by admin August 6, 2008

With the latest movie from Judd Apatow, Pineapple Express, coming out today, I thought it would be a good opportunity to look at how Mr. Apatow went from being a TV director to being a […]

10 Tips On How to Design Your Own Business Card

by admin August 6, 2008

Designing your own card is no easy task and that is why we created this guide on how to design your own business card. If you decided to have a designer create your cards be […]

Can You Create More Business Just by Thinking About It?

by admin August 4, 2008

There’s an interesting article by Guy Kawasaki about the concept of creating a larger market for your business by imagining one exists.   Mr. Kawasaki’s theory states his theory as follows:

What You Don’t Know about Door Hangers

by admin August 4, 2008

We’ve talked previously about how door hangers can be a surprisingly effective advertising device.  What I’d like to do with this article is get more into detail in how you can use door hangers to […]

Interview With Mauro Ramalho

by admin August 4, 2008

Mauro Ramalho is a Brazilian Art Director based in San Francisco. Before coming to United States, Mauro Ramalho worked in São Paulo, Brazil, for agencies like Mccann Erickson and AgenciaClick. After that, he was invited […]

Introducing New Custom Labels and Custom Stickers Sizes!

by admin July 31, 2008

UPrinting.com offers top-quality, heavy 70lb. label paper with an easy to peel “crack-n-peel” back. Cut-to-size, label and sticker products are an easy and affordable way to market your business and come in two different finishes. […]

20 Sample Business Card Designs

by admin July 30, 2008

Next to your logo design, your business card is arguably the second most important and widely used part of a corporate identity system. This is why we have created this post consisting of sample business […]

Heroes and The Art of Free Stuff Revisited

by admin July 28, 2008

The producers of the hit NBC television program Heroes had a problem.  The combination of a disappointing finale to season one and a disappointing and truncated second season had left the still well rated show […]