Featured Business Review: Austin Bechtold Web Design and Marketing – A Top-Notch Web Design and Marketing Company

by Arthur Piccio July 13, 2010

Working as a designer is no mean feat. Aside from having artistic talents, it also requires discipline, patience and negotiation skills. After all, working in this field also means having many discussions with the client […]

Featured Business Review: Richard K. Olsen, Arizona Real Estate Professional – Let an Arizona Real Estate Pro Help You Find Property

by Arthur Piccio July 12, 2010

Looking for real estate is tricky, especially if you’re looking for your first house . You must be able to recognize whether the house is really worth what it’s being sold for. And then there […]

Featured Business Review: ChillVertigo Design – Fast and Reliable Graphic and Web Designs

by Arthur Piccio July 9, 2010

Paula Rodo was working full-time as an art director for a Los Angeles gaming company when she casually took on a freelance project that eventually paved the way for what is now ChillVertigo Design, a […]

Featured Business Review: Scrubbish – “Green“ and Environmentally-Sound Wheelie Bin Cleaning Services

by Arthur Piccio July 8, 2010

Wheelie bins are a great way to keep trash hidden away and the rest of the house uncluttered, however they’re also home to an endless array of microscopic germs and bacteria which may cause people […]

Featured Business Review: Vitamin J Design – Cutting-Edge Web Design

by Arthur Piccio July 7, 2010

Vitamin J Design, a Philadelphia-based design studio started by Jesse Chase, specializes in the creation of designs that are organic, clean, and natural. To an extent Vitamin J uses elements that occur in nature; such […]

Featured Business Review: AED Superstore – The Largest Source of Automated External Defibrilators (AEDS) Worldwide

by Arthur Piccio July 5, 2010

Life is valuable and fleeting and as much as possible we would like to prolong our lives. We keep ourselves safe from accidents or illnesses by wearing our seatbelts or helmets, and getting vaccinations and […]

Featured Business Review: Hitmaker Music – Original and Diverse Hip Hop and Urban Music

by Arthur Piccio July 5, 2010

Building a successful business requires diligence, creativity, and authenticity – three values that Dean Anthony Ramos and the people behind the hip hop and urban music company, Hitmaker Music, hold in high esteem. Dean started […]

Featured Business Review: Finiv Credit Counseling – A Reliable Credit Repair Program in Dallas, Texas

by Arthur Piccio July 2, 2010

As the problem of bad credit has always been a major burden, Luis Valdez decided to take charge and offer a solution: a renovated credit restoration program. Initially, Mr. Valdez wanted to open a franchise […]

Featured Business Review: Fore River Gallery A Home For Emerging Artists

by Arthur Piccio July 1, 2010

Being emerging artists themselves, gallery owners Mike and Elizabeth Marks, know all too well the artist’s need to have a venue for displaying the work of one’s hands. And Fore River Gallery in Portland, Maine, […]