Featured Business Review: River to Well – Wishing for a Well of Clean, Drinking Water

by Arthur Piccio August 24, 2010

The planet’s surface is predominantly made up of water. However, much of this is saline and unfit to drink, leaving a mere .007% of the world’s water to be shared by billions upon billions of […]

Featured Business Review: Paderewski Music Society – Continuing Ignacy Paderewski's Legacy of Art & Altruism

by Arthur Piccio August 23, 2010

In his 1982 book “Paderewski”, the acclaimed historian, Count Adam Zamoyski, said that people who met the late Polish composer, Ignacy Jan Paderewski (1860 – 1941) often felt that they were “in the presence of […]

Thumbnail image for Collection of Bottle Label Designs – 24 Dazzling Examples

Collection of Bottle Label Designs – 24 Dazzling Examples

by admin August 23, 2010

If books get judged by their covers, bottled products, on the other hand, get judged by their labels. A label allows your bottled goods to stand out in the sea of plain-looking products and can […]

Thumbnail image for Business Card Marketing: 5 Must-Try Ideas

Business Card Marketing: 5 Must-Try Ideas

by admin August 23, 2010

Business cards can be effective and reliable branding and marketing tools. With proper execution, they can help boost your sales and gain new clients. By creating cards that increase your products or services’ marketability, you’re […]

Featured Business Review: Assisted Living At Home – The Best of Assisted Living and Home Care All in One

by Arthur Piccio August 18, 2010

Aging is a natural part of life that we all hope to go through in a successful, graceful manner. We are so used to seeing our parents as the “adults” or as our protectors, that […]

Featured Business Review: Glitterful Felt Stories – Bringing Stories to Life with Felt!

by Arthur Piccio August 16, 2010

Shelby Barone was in college studying to become a teacher when her passion for spreading literacy began to take form. Channeling this enthusiasm, the creative and fun-loving Shelby started making felt stories which she felt […]

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30 Pretty and Wicked Square Business Card Designs

by admin August 16, 2010

When it’s time to come up with a new and more creative business card design, it’s not enough to just concentrate on color, images, and type. Shape should also be a part of your design […]

Featured Business Review: Blooji.com – A New Perspective on Design

by Arthur Piccio August 14, 2010

Here’s some good advice from Rachel Goettl of the design studio Blooji Designs in Harrison, Arkansas. : it’s always good to find a fresh perspective. She’s certainly one to follow her own advice. As a […]

Featured Business Review: Ari Photography – No Fromage. Just Boutique Couture Photography

by Arthur Piccio August 14, 2010

“CHEESE!” That’s one word you’ll never hear photographer Arianne Lewis say when she’s taking her pictures. To the owner of California-based business, Ari Photography, saying “cheese!” before a photo means you’ll be getting exactly that […]