32 Excellent Ticket Design Samples

by admin October 3, 2011

In the past, event tickets were primarily made to help the organizers control the inflow of guests in the venue. But with the advancement of printing technology,  event tickets are now used for marketing purposes. […]

Window Clings: Tips and Ideas

by admin September 26, 2011

Most restaurants and boutiques display window clings of different sizes on glass surfaces facing the sidewalk. And for good reason. Window clings are proven promotional tools that are both informative and attractive. Unlike other stickers […]

Direct Mailing: Things You Should Know Before Getting Started

by admin September 22, 2011

Direct mailing is a great marketing strategy. You can reach people directly and notify them of your newest projects and events, thank them for their recent business with you and for anything else, really. However, […]

43 Awesome Posters for Your Inspiration

by admin September 21, 2011

Posters are really such versatile prints that can be very effective for multiple purposes. They can be used to promote events, movies, plays, concerts, products, bands and people. Also, more often than not, the best […]

46 Cute Baby Pictures for Postcard Design Inspiration

by admin September 19, 2011

Cute babies are simply irresistible. They can soften up even the toughest  blokes around simply by being their innocent selves. Combined with great photography, the precious moments when these little angels express tender emotions can […]

30 Beautiful Corporate Identity Design Samples You Should See

by admin September 17, 2011

First impressions last and it’s vital for you and your business to make them good. On that note, you should make sure that everything you give away communicates your identity well. From concept, to design, […]

Cool Typographic Flyer Design Inspiration

by admin September 16, 2011

Typography plays a big role in design. It not only helps get your message across directly, it even conveys messages that go beyond the written text. With the right font, color combination, and layout, you can […]

45 Abstract Designs Perfect for Canvas Prints

by admin September 12, 2011

There are works of art that can be very difficult to understand–some will always be subjected to various interpretations due to their ambiguity. Still, such abstract works have been hugely popular since the late 19th […]