24 Creative Newsletter Designs for Your Inspiration

by admin February 2, 2012

Newsletters are print or online publications that contain news, features and images about a single topic. They are distributed by organizations/companies to their subscribers to encourage participation and increase sales. A newsletter’s primary purpose is to […]

Featured Business Review: Reel Grrls – Keeping it Reel

by Arthur Piccio February 1, 2012

Despite all the talk about equality between the sexes, filmmaking and other forms of media production is often seen as a masculine pursuit. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been any extra attention to Kathryn Bigelow’s Academy […]

Eye-opening Posters and Print Ads – a World Cancer Day Special

by admin January 31, 2012

In 2010 alone, there were close to 8 million deaths around the world caused by cancer. That number is expected to rise up to 12 million in 2030 and we are bound to lose even […]

UPrinting Cuts 15% Off Flyers

by Arthur Piccio January 30, 2012

Los Angeles, CA (UPrinting.com –30 January 2012) – UPrinting.com has announced yet another promo just ahead of the trade show season. This time around, UPrinting will be giving away 15% off Flyers, in addition to […]

45 Intriguing Beer Bottle Labels

by admin January 26, 2012

When I need a quick drink, I usually grab a San Miguel or Pabst Blue Ribbon. But I also like trying out foreign brands or those made by independent brewing companies. Oftentimes, I’m guilty of judging […]

Featured Business Review: The Target Group – Bulls-eye!

by Arthur Piccio January 25, 2012

“UPrinting partners with us in our goal to please our clients and give them the best quality printing products.” says Amber Wilson, Marketing Spokesperson for The Target Group. “When UPrinting helps us make our clients […]

A Fresh Start – 30 New Business Card Designs

by admin January 23, 2012

The first few months of the year would be the perfect time to revamp your business card. A new and trendy business card design can help you attract new clients and enhance your professional image. […]

Cool Girls to Hold Annual Fundraiser

by admin January 23, 2012

Atlanta, GA (UPrinting.com -23 January 2012) Cool Girls, a 501(c) non-profit that provides extra-curricular education and college scholarships to disadvantaged girls, is currently running a mailing drive in connection with their annual appeal campaign. They are […]

20 Unique Dragon Logos for Design Inspiration

by admin January 20, 2012

In Chinese culture, the dragon is often associated with wealth, power and success. In the West, on the other hand, the dragon is known for its strength and dominance. It’s no wonder, then, that various […]