Flyer Design Tutorial Videos + Posts: A Definitive Collection for the Graphic Design Newbie

by admin February 22, 2012

Making tutorials for designs in general tends to be difficult enough for people not to make them too often. It helps, though, to at least know someplace where the best ones of a certain category […]

19 Influential Album Covers

by admin February 20, 2012

As a huge music fan, I’m somewhat of a hoarder of old vinyl and CDs. I have a room in my apartment which is dedicated to my music collection, and I have no shame in […]

Amella Caramels - Living La Dolce Vita

Featured Business Review: Amella Caramels – Living La Dolce Vita

by Arthur Piccio February 17, 2012

“The best thing about Amella Caramels is the experience one gets from just a single bite …it is a totally new sensation.” Says Emir Kiamilev, a long-time UPrinting customer. Along with his wife Elena, Emir […]

UPrinting Sponsors Doodler’s Anonymous Contest

by admin February 16, 2012

Los Angeles, CA ( –17 February 2012) – Doodler’s Anonymous, a site that allows anyone to submit their ad-libbed artwork, has partnered with to hold it’s first showcase of the year – a “Doodlebomb” […]

20 Unique Poster Ideas for Anti-Valentine’s Day

by admin February 14, 2012

Not everybody likes Valentine’s Day. In fact, there are people who actually despise it. Those who are sickened by the commercialism and cheesiness of Valentine’s Day or those who have issues with love/relationships, take part […]

The UPrinting Design Blog is Now on Facebook!

by Arthur Piccio February 8, 2012

The UPrinting Design Blog has long been looking for a way get to know you guys more. We value our readers’ thoughts and opinions. And with your help, we’re confident that our Facebook venture will […]

Featured Business Review: The Forgotten Citizen – Scylla & Charybdis

by Arthur Piccio February 7, 2012

“UPrinting gives me the ability to create something and then have it printed only minutes later right from my studio” says the Forgotten Citizen, the eponymous (and anonymous) voice behind Melbourne, Florida-based solo Indie Electronic […]

A Tribute to the Master of Fantasy: 35 Frank Frazetta-Inspired Artworks

by admin February 6, 2012

Ask any fantasy illustrator who his/her favorite artists are and the name Frank Frazetta will probably be mentioned.  An illustration that depicts Frazetta being welcomed by his own creations A Jack Kirby and Will Eisner […]

Save Up To 20% With UPrinting’s February Promos

by Arthur Piccio February 6, 2012

Los Angeles, CA ( –6 February 2012) – has just announced more discounts following last week’s Flyer Printing promo. UPrinting will also continue promos from last month. Take up to 20% off on Posters, […]