Hotel Door Hanger Designs: 5 Promotion and Efficiency Ideas

by admin on 03/04/2010

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Various businesses already have and still do promote with door hangers, but some hotels miss the chance to adapt this medium into their services. Just because guests expect you to put out only Do Not Disturb door hanger signs doesn’t mean your door hanger printing options are limited! Here are 5 ideas on how your hotel can use door hangers to promote and improve your room services:

Hotel Door Hanger Designs for Promotion

Hotel Door Hanger - Sac State Unique

Food and Service Menus

Either use one side of your standard hotel room door hangers to display your restaurant menu, or print door hangers exclusively as food and service menus. If you use the latter idea, you could even order your door hangers with perforations so you can include your hotel’s business cards or promotional service coupons.

Designing your menus as door hangers lessens the chances that they will be lost or misplaced by both guests and room attendants. Remember to include your hotel’s room service number for your guests’ convenience.

Strategic Souvenir Design

Use your guests’ tendencies to take home souvenirs from your hotel to your advantage! Design your door hangers strategically so they can capture other people’s interest about your hotel when your guests show them off. You can achieve this effect by using unique designs and/or inviting hotel photos. Remember to include your hotel’s name and contact information.

Multilingual Copy

If your hotel often receives foreigners who have a limited grasp of English, investing in multilingual copy can improve your hotel service quality. Aside from translating standard door hanger copy like “Do Not Disturb/Please Make Up Room Now”, you can also include translations of phrases your guests may need during their stay, like “Where can I find a taxi?” or “I’ve lost my key”.

Image-Only Designs

You can also overcome the language gap problem by using only images to convey your hotel door hangers’ meaning. Make sure these image-only designs are clearly understood at first glance, as well as have no room for misinterpretation – or unintentional offense!

Unique Service Suggestions/Promotion

This fascinating vintage door hanger collection features, aside from beautiful door hanger samples around the world, some unique and creative ways of using them. A door hanger design from El Al Israel Airlines varied from the standard “Do Not Disturb” sign by saying “Please let me sleep” instead, with the back side requesting staff to “Please wake me for meals”. Another design from the South Pacific Hotel in Auckland asks room attendants to “Please serve your 7 o’ clock morning tea”.

In the same way, you can use door hanger designs to promote or gently suggest your hotel services to your guests. Whether you have room-to-room body massage services or simply want to know which hotel guests want to be woken up for breakfast, this idea can not only make your guests more aware of their options, but also helps you ensure they have a uniquely comfortable experience at your hotel.

We hope you’ve discovered great ways to improve on your business door hangers through this post. If you know any other innovative ideas for using door hangers as part of promotional printing campaigns, please share it with the rest of the readers in the comments!

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azmil syahmi March 4, 2010 at 9:16 am

Using door hangers as a promotional material is a great idea.I did it for our Italian promotion. Put the menu on it and hung it on the guest doors when they went out and when they came back they will see the menu. Had a good response for the said promo.

Tim Warrington March 4, 2010 at 1:29 pm

What a great idea, its one of those things you goto a hotel and it goes unnoticed, but these door hangers could be a great marketing tool.