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by Rafael on 05/03/2012

by Rafael  |  May 3, 2012  |  Design

For some, being inspired comes naturally; for others, not so much. What the latter needs to understand is that inspiration can be tricky. It manifests itself in different forms. Not everyone can take a walk around the block and come back home with a month’s worth of design ideas. If you’re stuck in a ditch and couldn’t think of new ideas, watching some of these videos might help you see how other graphic designers find their inspiration.

Disclaimer: The videos on this page are not owned by UPrinting and are used solely for inspiration. Please click on the links to see their original sources.


Edinburgh’s Telford College: Ian Lauder Graphic Design Presentation


Ian Lauder talks about what you need to learn if you want to be successful in graphic design.

MCG: Shopping for Creative Inspiration


The guys at Mack|Crounse goes to a grocery store to get their fix of new ideas.

Graphic Design Projects : Good Poster Ideas


Karl Deutsch explains what you should consider when coming up with a good poster idea.

Comic Book Artist: Kody Chamberlain


Kody Chamberlain is a graphic artist that works primarily on comic books. He shares where he draws his inspiration from and gives us a peek into his work process.

Graphic Design Career Tips : How Much Money Do Graphic Designers Make?


Knowing how much your designs are worth can be a good motivator. The video may be outdated but this should give you a ballpark figure on how much graphic designers make.

Graphic Designer Karey Uhler: On Inspiration


Karey Uhler draws her inspiration from shopping. She explains how in this short video.

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