Featured Business Review: eMedia Design – Entertainment, Enriched Electronic Multimedia Designs
  by:  |  Jul 16, 2010

Emedia Design LogoeMedia Design knows that with an endless sea of websites floating around the internet, it’s quite easy to be missed or ignored. It is not enough to just have a website. One needs a strong online presence, and coming up with truly visceral and yet functional web representation is exactly what eMedia Design is all about.

According to its founder, Essa Naser, eMedia is “a studio for the senses… we can provide you with a foundation for your business (your logo & brand), a way to deliver your product/message (via the web, video, print, to name a few), and a clear path to help you spread what we call your “digital word-of-mouth” (via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc.)”

eMedia began in Cincinnati, Ohio when Essa took on several freelance projects. Thanks to some unintentional word-of-mouth advertising from pleased clients, eMedia was officially established in September of 2008. Today, the company continues to expand, serving customers ranging from local start-ups & businesses to Fortune 500 corporations from all over the country.

The company’s growth can mainly be attributed to its founder’s love for art and it’s roll in marketing & advertising. Essa Naser’s 10-year journey started with his hobby of dabbling in the traditional arts (such as painting, sketching, and sculpting), along with his interest in computers. He relates, “One day after breaking yet another computer and having to put it back together again, I decided to put the two things I liked to do most together and make a career out of it.” He then attended Full Sail University and graduated with a degree in Digital Media and Design.

Aside from Essa’s expertise in multimedia arts, eMedia’s edge over other design companies is “doing more than one thing great” and the fact that the word “NO” is not in their vocabulary.

Essa explains, “We are not only more than experienced in almost every aspect of the web and media platforms, but also confident that if we haven’t done it before, we’ll just learn how.” Simply put, eMedia is willing to face any challenge.

eMedia takes every client’s satisfaction very seriously. To date, they’re batting a thousand, and it’s a record they don’t take lightly. They make sure you get more than you pay for by doing everything in-house, which allows for a faster turnaround time at much lower costs. This means they can handle everything from designing your new logo, to your business cards and letterhead, to a custom online platform with integrated social networking connectivity. Along with these services, all websites created by the company are optimized for search engines and comply with all accessibility standards.

For the studio’s own business cards, post cards, and flyers however, eMedia Design has been working with UPrinting for approximately two years now. Mr. Naser says “We’ve always been very pleased with the level of quality, the various options available, and competitive pricing, as well as a fairly quick turn-around.”

He adds, “ was very integral in the little marketing we’ve actually done. For example, our business cards were designed based on your option of printing on a 2″x2″ card, for such a reasonable price. The design was literally done within 20 min, the order was processed and received within a week, and turned out better than expected. We honestly still hear how much people love our business cards every time…”