Door Hanger Flyer Advertising for Churches – Does it Work?

by admin on 07/29/2009

by admin  |  July 29, 2009  |  Print Tips

Some churches market and advertise themselves. Others don’t. Some churches grow and others don’t. While word-of-mouth is still probably the most effective advertising method for most churches, more churches are turning to promotional marketing (particularly the door hanger flyer) as a way of spreading their message and advertising their church.

Spread Your Good News with Door Hanger Advertising

According to The Christian Century, door hangers are one of the most commonly employed and effective direct marketing tools for churches. They’re a great leave-behind for a door-to-door campaign, they’re a simple tool for volunteers to distribute and they’re designed for targeting specific neighborhoods and community pockets.

At UPrinting, your church can order 1000 full-color door hanger flyers for less than $80, but our quantities start as low as 250 units (for less than $50). We also offer SFI certified recycled stocks and soy and vegetable inks for churches with an eco-conscious mandate.

But, wait, doesn’t church marketing suck?

If you’re in charge of marketing and advertising for your congregation, you probably know the popular website Church Marketing Sucks. While the message of this site is definitely focused on the idea that marketing is secondary to anything a church does and that a good community, good services, and a great congregation is the best marketing a church can have, that doesn’t mean marketing or advertising is bad (if done correctly).

Instead, church marketing needs to be authentic and honest in order to be effective and, yes, it can be done right. Before you plan your next church door hanger flyer campaign, I recommend surfing over to Church Marketing Sucks for some tips on church marketing basics, discussion with other congregations and ideas on current trends.

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