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Using affordable promotional materials like custom UV stickers from is a great guerrilla marketing technique for a marketing budget of any size. A great guerrilla marketing sticker campaign example took place in 1989 and was dubbed Andre the Giant Has a Posse. The campaign was fueled by the creative genius of Frank Shepard Fairey and started as an inside-joke for the skater and hip-hop community. By the early 1990s, tens of thousands of stickers were being made and put in public places around the world!

Guerrilla Marketing Tips For Using UV Stickers Effectively

Andre The Giant Has a Posse Sticker

By observing and learning from the success of “Andre the Giant Has a Posse”, we can learn a few tips on how we too can succeed at this affordable and viral marketing concept.

  1. Laughter is contagious and worth sharing. Because Fairey and friends chose to use an inside joke for their sticker design that many people could relate to, they set the stage for viral distribution. The natural response from the community was to share a laugh with friends.
  2. Good design never fails. As a renowned graphic illustrator and designer, Fairey had a good eye for good design. If you do not have the expertise to create an amazing design yourself, don’t fail to invest in finding the right person.
  3. Familiarity promotes recognition. Using something that your audience is familiar with and can relate with is important. The use of a famous/notorious wrestling star like Andre the Giant helped the sticker grab people’s attention.
  4. Keep your initial investment low. Guerrilla marketing can be a hit or miss. Fairey never intended to make an international viral sticker campaign. UPrinting can help you lower your investment cost by providing you with affordable offset UV sticker printing prices.

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