Clothing Hang Tag Design: 12 Trendy Examples
  by:  |  Oct 5, 2010

When it comes to designing clothing hang tags, it’s not enough to just focus on branding. These printed materials should also come in stylish designs to go well with a fashion designer’s creative vision. If a client asks you to create promotional tools for their line and don’t have an idea to start with, you can check out this selection of 12 trendy clothing hang tag design samples.

I hope these help you come up with clothing tags that are so creative; customers will think twice before throwing them away! If you’ve came across a hang tag you think should be included in this collection, feel free to share it with our readers in the comments!

Clothing Hang Tag Design Samples to Spark Your Creativity


Clothing Hang Tag Design - ALEXandRA Identity
Pastel colors made these fashion hang tags look sweet and lovely. The light hues also softened up the geometric shapes used in the design.

Clothing Hang Tag Design - MKAY Wear
The playful illustration can easily grab any shopper’s attention. For sure, this design will also look good when printed on a poster.

Clothing Hang Tag Design - Electric Honey Apparel
Cool typography turned this printed material into one sexy design. I love how the blue icon popped out from the black font.

Clothing Hang Tag Design - twoneight
The very famous bird logo landed on this cool blue hang tag design. See how the red font blends really well with the blue and white background color.

Clothing Hang Tag Design - James Fashion Line
Once again, typography saves the day. Nothing beats the timeless combination of black and white.

Clothing Hang Tag Design - Juxtance Flavors
Proper mix of bright colors and creative type can result to irresistible eye candies!

Clothing Hang Tag Design - Mudd
A good fashion hang tag design has the ability to stand out. Enough said.

Clothing Hang Tag Design - We are Slaughterhouse
I won’t mind reusing these hang tags as bookmarks. An effective print design can make customers want to hold on to it.

Clothing Hang Tag Design - Juara 2 Lomba
Red and black made this clothing tag look pretty wicked.

Clothing Hang Tag Design - Tanya Williams
Save on printing costs by designing apparel tags that serve double purposes . See how the designer used this print as a hang tag and business card.

Clothing Hang Tag Design - Pifou
I’m a fan of circles in web and graphic design and these rounded shapes gave justice to this clothing tag.

Clothing Hang Tag Design - Glamorous USA
Sometimes, all it takes is a catchy slogan to come up with a hang tag that attracts people’s attention.

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