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5 Alternative Uses of a Brochure

by admin on 12/02/2014

by admin   |  December 2, 2014

A Brochure is a single foldable sheet used by marketers to highlight a product, company or service. They are one of the most common and effective tools used by businesses and organizations for relaying information […]

Post image for Custom Postcards: Design, Applications and Printing Tips

Custom Postcards: Design, Applications and Printing Tips

by admin on 07/07/2014

by admin   |  July 7, 2014

GUIDES ON CREATING CUSTOM POSTCARDS Define your Intentions Before starting with your design, you should define your purpose for creating postcards. Do you want to stay in touch with someone, promote your business, or announce […]

Extensive Guide: Working with Standard Brochures

by Mel on 06/30/2014

by Mel   |  June 30, 2014

Brochures are practical marketing tools used to promote your information-heavy campaigns. They can be laid out like a take-out menu and contain listings of different products and services; or function as travel and events guides. […]

Everything You Need to Know in Printing Custom Posters

by Mel on 06/16/2014

by Mel   |  June 16, 2014

No matter how good your creative concepts are, it is the printing that gives justice to your designs. That is why it is important to set the correct resolution, colors, and format of your custom […]

A Visual Guide for Printing Custom Labels

by Mel on 04/21/2014

by Mel   |  April 21, 2014

Custom labels are one of the most multi-purpose materials out there because there’s simply a wide range of industries and applications you can use them for.  They can be very effective tools for promoting your […]

Standard Poster Sizes [Infographic]

Standard Poster Sizes [Infographic]

by Arthur Piccio on 02/15/2014

by Arthur Piccio   |  February 15, 2014

Posters are available in several standard sizes; each one has specific popular application. Popular applications for standard-sized posters include announcement of events, company or school circulars, promotion of movies or concerts, and outdoor advertisements. Standard […]