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How to Design Brochure

by admin on 12/18/2014

by admin   |  December 18, 2014

Brochures are practical marketing tools that no business can afford to pass up. With their versatility, brochures allow you to cut your budget without cutting marketing presence. It complements other marketing media.

Examining the Types of 8 Page Brochures: An In-depth Printing Guide

by admin on 12/17/2014

by admin   |  December 17, 2014

Successfully communicating your message to the audience depends on how well you present them and choosing the right fold is always an important part of any brochure marketing campaign. The most common used brochure folds […]

Taking an Image from File to Finished Product

by admin on 12/12/2014

by admin   |  December 12, 2014

Be guided on your first ordering experience at UPrinting. Here is a visual step by step procedure on how to order: Step 1: Choose a medium for your design. You can easily choose between the […]

Demystifying Turnaround Time

by admin on 12/11/2014

by admin   |  December 11, 2014

One of the most commonly misunderstood commercial printing process is the concept of turnaround time. Know how UPrinting’s turnaround time works to save time, money, and effort for both you and your customers. Here are […]

Effective Postcard Marketing

by admin on 12/09/2014

by admin   |  December 9, 2014

The success of your marketing campaign, traditional or online, may solely depend on three factors: demographics, budget allocation and consistency. Marketers strive to effectively integrate these three into an operative campaign. Postcards are among the […]

UPrinting Design How-To: Choosing Poster Sizes, Stocks, and Finishes

by Arthur Piccio on 12/03/2014

by Arthur Piccio   |  December 3, 2014

Posters have had a long, distinguished history in advertising and art. These large prints are great for getting your message across to several people at once, and also serve as great art medium. They also […]