Starting a Pastry Shop from Home

by Rafael on 07/10/2012

by Rafael   |  July 10, 2012

Are you thinking about starting your own pastry business from home? Depending on who you are and what your mindset is about the task at hand, starting your own business can be easy as pie […]

A Mid-Week Holiday: A Problem for Businesses Everywhere?

by Rafael on 07/02/2012

by Rafael   |  July 2, 2012

The 4th of July can mean great things if you’re running a business. Profit is bound to be good and you could get product exposure from people who may not have heard of you before. […]

Toshiba Stops National No-Print Day Campaign

by Rafael on 06/26/2012

by Rafael   |  June 26, 2012

The news may not have hit mainstream media, but at one point Toshiba had launched a National No-Print Day campaign. While the proposed event had good intentions, it was blocked by members of Printing Industries […]

The Importance of Business Cards in 2012

by Rafael on 06/19/2012

by Rafael   |  June 19, 2012

It’s sad that some businessmen, especially the younger generation, had forgotten about the importance of giving out business cards. Business cards can still be relevant, even in 2012. While almost all data, including contact details, […]

Geek Pride Day Promotions – Simple Rules to Remember When Promoting

by Rafael on 05/24/2012

by Rafael   |  May 24, 2012

We now live in a world where you are either a geek or are trying to be one. In the age of information technology, geeks are kings. So to celebrate, May 25 has been dubbed […]

How to Promote Your Business on StumbleUpon

by Rafael on 05/22/2012

by Rafael   |  May 22, 2012

FIRST POSTED: Oct 28, 2008 CONTENT UPDATED: May 22, 2012 Using StumbleUpon (SU) to promote a business site (or a specific page within) helps increase traffic and sales. StumbleUpon’s unique and user-centric platform makes it […]