Blog Sponsorship Program Expanded into Giveaway Blogs Network!

by admin on 06/28/2010

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UPrinting’s Blog Sponsorship Program, our project to support bloggers everywhere, now has a life of its own. Read on and find out how Giveaway Blogs can open vast opportunities for you, whether you’re a business or a blogger!

UPrinting’s Blog Sponsorship Program Expands into Giveaway

Blog Sponsorship Program Expands into Giveaway Blogs Network

What UPrinting’s Blog Sponsorship Program Was

The Blog Sponsorship Program, which we launched just last year, was our effort to support the blogging community by using our printing services. In the program, bloggers got printing sponsorships for a variety of our products which they could use in giveaways to advertise their blogs or businesses. This became a great way for them to attract new subscribers and/or customers, and reward their blogs’ long-time readers and followers as well.

What Giveaway Is

Giveaway Blogs will be following roughly the same model, but we’re not going to be the only sponsors anymore. Our rapid growth from the first 100 bloggers to 1,300+ woke us to the realization that we’d be selfish to keep this thriving segment of the blogging community to ourselves!

That’s also why we felt the need to create a dedicated, separate domain for the cause; this program is bigger than us, now.

We’ve been inviting more companies to join the program; soon our bloggers will have a whole variety of product giveaways to choose from. Our bloggers’ readers will get more giveaway opportunities, and our bloggers themselves barely need to move a finger. We’re saving them, as well as the businesses we contact, the hard work of pitching to each other by bridging them together ourselves!

How You Can Benefit by Participating…

As a Business:

  • You’ll be able to tap into Giveaway Blogs’ wide network of bloggers to host your own product giveaways.
  • You can take your pick among the bloggers in the network and make offers for them to create sponsored reviews of your products.
  • You get more exposure for your business and vast resources for targeting your marketing efforts effectively, simply by joining the program!

As a Blogger:

  • You can take your pick among the sponsors and host whatever giveaway you like!
  • Because your giveaways have more variety, you’ll have more chances of increasing your blog’s traffic. We can even help promote your giveaways!
  • You’ll get more value from the network for your blog, from sponsored posts and reviews to new advertising opportunities.
  • This new platform will allow sponsors to create joint giveaways and bigger, better contests, and you’ll get exclusive access to all of that simply by becoming a member!

Sounds Awesome! Where Do I Sign?

If You’re a Business:

Just sign up and create your profile! Once you’re in, look for Jarmaine or Luigi and let them know you’re in the program as a business. They’ll get your business’s details so they can feature you in the Sponsors section, and coordinate with you for any messages you want broadcasted with the whole community.

After that, you can contact bloggers directly to create reviews and/or host giveaways. The sky’s the limit; the rest is up to you!

If You’re a Blogger:

Sign up and create your profile. If you’ve been a part of the program before it became Giveaway Blogs, make sure your profile is updated. We’ve made several changes to the old questions and added some new ones. Please don’t skip anything! These will help giveaway sponsors match their products to your readers.

Then introduce yourself to everyone, make connections with your fellow bloggers and social marketers, and watch out for the latest opportunities to host great giveaways!

Hold Your Horses! I Still Have Some Questions…

You can ask us here in the comments, look for Jarmaine or Luigi in the network, or tweet us your questions @UPrinting.

Sounds good? Check it out for yourself! We’ll see you at Giveaway

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