Bicycle Bumper Stickers – 27 Rad Designs to Pop Wheelies With

by Arthur Piccio on 12/13/2010

by Arthur Piccio  |  December 13, 2010  |  Design

“Small spaces discipline the mind, large ones weaken it.” - Leonardo
The Renaissance master was referring to rooms and interior design when he said those words. But as most experienced designers would concede, this idea extends to all kinds of art. Take bicycle bumper stickers, for instance.
Bumper stickers really don’t have that much space on them but it’s this restriction that makes designing them so interesting. It’s all about making the most out of what you’ve got. Their size forces designers to ask themselves what would make the most impact, given such a small amount of space.

Good typography, catchy statements, and interesting images are certainly time-tested ways to grab attention. However, the challenge of bumper sticker design is putting these things together in a way that isn’t only attention-grabbing, but tasteful as well. Anyone can count on swear words or images with shock value for attention but c’mon- that gets kind of boring after a while.
The following examples give just a few ideas on how you might want your bike stickers to turn out. Just be careful you don’t faceplant while grinding with these fun designs. That’d be… embarrassing.

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27 Totally Sweet Bicycle Bumper Stickers You Wish You Had

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Bicylce Bumper Stickers - My Traffic
All rights reserved by alforque

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - fukenkaars
All rights reserved by urbanbicyclist

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - Make Bike Not Car
Some rights reserved by Mark Stosberg

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - Gun
All rights reserved by out of ideas

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - Real Geeks Ride
Some rights reserved by teamstickergiant

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - Do The Evolution
All rights reserved by anitamac

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - 20mg
All rights reserved by See El Photo

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - Amoeba
All rights reserved by

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - Amoeba 2
All rights reserved by

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - Suspecto
All rights reserved by Suspecto

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - himbaer
All rights reserved by himbaer

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - Himbaer2
All rights reserved by himbaer

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - PUZOOOooo1
All rights reserved by PUZOOOooo

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - PUZOOOooo
All rights reserved by PUZOOOooo

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - PUZOOOooo
All rights reserved by PUZOOOooo

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - Gandhi DL MLKJR
All rights reserved by ~db~

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - Hindu
All rights reserved by velomama

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - This Machine Kills Hipsters
All rights reserved by emarone

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - Luchador
All rights reserved by Georgie_grrl

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - Skull
All rights reserved by wunnspeed

Bicycle Bumpers Sticker -  Vintage ESSO
All rights reserved by Master Matt

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - Cereal
All rights reserved by Waffle Whiffer

bicycle bumper stickers 23
All rights reserved by Waffle Whiffer

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - Rauch
by Grzegorz Rauch

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - blahhhh
by IamAxiom

Bicycle Bumper Stickers- green
by IamAxiom

Bicycle Bumper Stickers - Rainbow
by ~mrcolortvjr


That’s all for bicycle bumper stickers roundup. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to drop us a line! If you like these designs, make sure to check out the artists’ portfolios. UPrinting prints top-notch custom stickers at affordable rates for your sticker-happy self. Keep those ideas rolling in!

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