5 Brochure Ideas You Haven’t Thought About

by admin on 02/07/2008

by admin  |  February 7, 2008  |  Print Tips

We all have the basic idea of what a brochure is.We all see the same folded advertisement.But there are several items which can be prepared as brochures to help your business:

  • Pamphlets.These are the traditional advertising handouts.They contain printed information about your business, acting as portable advertisement for the business.
  • Menus.Restaurants can use printed copies of their menus in brochure form to allow customers to take the menus with them, for later reference and carry out ordering.
  • Flyers.This is a simplified version of the brochure.A one sided printed page containing basic information about your company.
  • Newsletter.Printing out your newsletter in a portable brochure form makes it easier to get your company’s information into the hands of the people who wish to use it.
  • Invitations.Using a printed brochure as an invitation to potential customers to attend your function or visit your business is a great way to drum up new business.
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