17 Great Travel Brochure Examples Fit for Globetrotters

by admin on 01/26/2011

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Sometimes our feet just get this insatiable itch to traverse new surroundings. Now adventurous folks can just go where the road takes them but the more careful ones will probably want a little method to the madness.

This is where travel brochures come in. These brochures are a globetrotter’s best friend. Not only are they constructed to regale you about where you’re going (what to see, what to eat, where to sleep, what not to do) but, some travel brochure examples actually come with maps. Of course, these maps are pretty useful for keeping you un-lost.

Given that these brochures are meant to reel people into visiting such places like Route 66, Paris, or Machu Picchu (really, anywhere there’s a thriving tourism industry) and help them plan their itinerary, a good travel brochure example has to be well-composed, inviting, and ultimately, easy to navigate.

In case you do want to create your own travel brochure, or if you’re just interested in looking at different samples, we took the liberty of collecting a few exemplary travel guides that may inspire you.

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17 Sample Travel Brochures that will make You Want to Step Out

travel brochure examples - allerleirau
Some rights reserved by allerleirau

travel brochure examples - bai gbala
All rights reserved by Bai Gbala

Travel Brochure Examples - boudin trail
All rights reserved by Oran Parker

Travel Brochure Examples - film festival tours
All rights reserved by Brent Rolland

travel brochure examples - new zealand travel brochure
All rights reserved by stevethehouse

All rights reserved by Robert Marshbank

travel brochure examples - mexico travel brochure
All rights reserved by Eric Agbosu

travel brochure examples - travel agency brochure
All rights reserved by Ian Johnson

travel brochure examples - italy
All rights reserved by Crutchfield Creative

travel brochure examples - cheyenne
All rights reserved by Leila Singleton

travel brochure examples - new york world's fair
All rights reserved by Todd Franklin (Neato Coolville)

travel brochure examples - route 66
All rights reserved by Melissa Doody

 travel brochure examples - rail days 2010
All rights reserved by SR Martin

travel brochure examples - osaka, japan
All rights reserved by Tara O’ Brien

 travel brochure examples - texas tourism guide
All rights reserved by Clint Martin

travel brochure examples - grand canyon railways
All rights reserved by SR Martin

travel brochure examples - rapsody travel
All rights reserved by Ivan Aleksic

 travel brochure examples - disney
All rights reserved by Borsa Wallace

Don’t these make you just want to pack your bags and start exploring? We hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as we loved collecting them. For any questions or comments please feel free to have your say at the Comments Section below.

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Disclaimer: Images on this page are not owned by UPrinting and are used solely as design examples. Please click on the images to see their original sources.


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